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Waterproofing Concrete Roofs 



All existing waterproofing to be remover prior to new waterproofing.
Surface areas should be dry, clean and sound. The surfaces must be level and smooth.


Prime all surfaces with bitumen prime, including and around outlets.


Bitumen prime.
4 mm torch on.
Apply one layer of 4 mm torch on, fully bonded by means of torch on fusion with side laps of 75mm and end laps of 100mm respectively. All upturns to be a minimum of 150mm onto parapet walls.


Us Acrylic flashing system with 150mm membrane in conjunction with the plain finish.


Waterproofed areas to be coated with bitumen aluminium roof paint.


All the products are to be applied in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.


Waterproofing Metal Roofs



Remove all existing waterproofing.
If rust occur, thoroughly, wire brush all loose rust as clean as possible.
All loose bolt's to be inspected and tightened.
Replace bolts where necessary.
Apply pop-rivets (self tapping self drilling screws) to all laps, ridges and flashings where necessary.
Apply 4 metal primers to all rusted areas.


First coat - Brush on a thick coat of super laycryl and bed the membrane into the wet coat, avoiding the formation of wrinkles and bubbles.
Second coat - Once the first coat is dry, apply a second coat of super laycryl.
Third coat - Once the second coat is dry, apply a finishing coat of super laycryl.
This application must be used on all overlaps, bolts, flashings, ridges etc.
Coat the entire waterproofed area with super acrylic, roof paint, which offer UV protection to the waterproofing membrane.